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Day 5 of my new diet

So, I started a diet with an extremely small workout plan (small workout because I am working up to working out). 

Here’s the meal plan I have everyday. 

Pre-Breakfast: 1 spoon of honey and strawberry flavored greek yogurt (this is so that your digestive system can adapt to the diet)
Breakfast: 2 eggs with red onions and multi-colored bell peppers and 2 tbsp of salsa/picante. 
Lunch: 1.5 cups of broccoli and 2 tbsp of regular ranch (not LF OR SF)
Dinner: Lettuce and Turkey wraps with tomatoes, spinach, and cucumbers with 1 tbsp of ranch.
Snack of the day: Baby carrots (by themselves) OR largely diced cucumbers with a hint of salt and pepper.

I’ve started power walking as well, the most I do a day is 1.5-2 miles. 

It’s now my 5th day; I’ve lost 9 pounds.